Xamarin Android

Xamarin.Android is mainly focused towards creating mobile apps targetting Android platform. This course is again 3 Full Day program where you will learn following things about Xamarin.Android

  • Day-1 Introduction to Xamarin.Android

  • Mobile Development Approaches
  • Xamarin Mobile Development Introduction
  • Xamarin.Android App Workflow & Architecture
  • IDE Tour (Xamarin Studio & Visual Studio)
  • Development Philosophy and Solution Organization
  • Portable Class Library , Shared Projects
  • Understanding Android API Levels
  • Day-2 UI Designing

  • Working with Designer - Storyboards and UIViewController
  • Android Activity life cycle, Intents &  Android Manifest
  • Navigations and Patterns
  • Handling Rotation
  • Gestures and Touch
  • User Interface Controls (Date Picker, Navigation Bar, Table Layout, Listviews and Adapters etc)
  • Content-Providers and Resolvers, Notifications
  • Day-3 Data Binding, Service Calls

  • Android Resources and Images
  • Creating Services, Backgrounding
  • Persisting Data with SQLite
  • Consuming Web Services
  • Xamarin Android Bindings for native libraries
  • Making App ready to deploy on Playstore
  • Publishing the app on Playstore

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